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Prayer flags

རླུང་རྟ lit. 'wind horse'


What is a prayer flag?

Click here for a short explanation about prayer flags and their origin on the Maitreya website.

Click here for a comprehensive 

explanation about the Kalachakra emblem.

At the bottom of this page you will find information on how to remove/replace prayer flags.

Prayer flags between two mountains near the Jonang monastery in Northern India.


The meaning and origin of the Kalachakra emblem can be found here: here.

The original Kalachakra emblem, an exact copy of the drawing by Taranatha in the 16th century.  

The best spot for prayer flags can be in your garden, on a balcony or in even in your living room.

Ideally is outdoors, the prayers are carried and spread by the wind.


Every prayer flag that is sold by us is blessed!

Blessed prayer flags are regarded as Dharma.

The blessing wears off when the flags are naturally destroyed by one of the four elements (earth, water, fire and wind).

Instructions and mantras for temporarily or permanently transferring the blessing:

- temporarily move the blessing:

For example when flags need to be repaired or maintained.

Briefly point a small mirror at the flags, the blessing moves to the mirror. Cover the mirror with a cloth while pointing it at the flags. Put the covered mirror in a respectful place.

Repair the flags. Then replace the blessing by pointing the mirror briefly at the flags and then remove the cloth.

- Instructions and mantras for permanently move the blessing: 

Briefly point a small mirror on the old flags, the blessing moves to the mirror.

Then point the mirror at the new flags. The blessing has now been moved to the new flags.

After removing the blessing, the old flags are no longer considered as an object of dharma, they can be thrown with the trash.
(incineration in specialized


Mantra to recite for rejuvenating & enhancing the blessing on the flags when transferring to other flags:

ཨོཾ་སརྦ་ཏ་ཐཱ་ག་ཏ་མ་ཎི་ཤ་ཏ་དིཥྟ་ཛྭ་ལ་ཛྭ་ལ་དྷརྨ་དྷ་ཏུ་གརྦྷེ་སྭཱཧཱ། །
oM sarba ta thA ga ta ma Ni sha ta diSh+ta dz+wa la dz+wa la d+harma d+ha tu gar+b+he swAhA
May all the blessings from all Buddhas, sanghas and dharma come together and remain here till one of the four elements breakdown 

For the blessing to remain firmly on the flags:


oM supratiSThA badz+ra ye swA hA

If there are no new flags to which the blessing can be transferred, it can be transferred to a Dharma object of choice in three ways using the instructions and mantra below:

- transfer with a mirror to a Dharma object of your choice (eg. a Buddha statue, Dharma book, stupa, etc.)

- transfer into space with a mirror (stays there forever);

- a slightly less stable way is to transfer the blessing in the 'Vajra Guru / Yogini way': transferring the blessing to the Ultimate Truth or Buddha Nature; touch the old flags with the fingertips of one hand, and then touch your heart chakra (or forehead or throat chakra) with those fingertips.

Mantra to recite when the blessing needs to be moved from the prayer flags to an other object eg. Buddha statue etc. or when the blessing needs to be removed from the prayer flags:

(eg. before discarding)


badz+ra mu

Based on the instructions of Taranatha 


Source: Thupten Gelek Gyamtso
More info: click here


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