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Support our center on teaming for 1€ per month

Supporting the Jonang Kalachakra Center without really noticing it? 

You can do this via Teaming for only €1 per month. 

This helps us to pay the annual fixed costs and to keep the entrance fees low and to allow participants with financial problems to participate for free or at a reduced price.


Support us via Teaming:

Healthy extras or meals for little monks

Doantions for Teachings by Gyaltsab Rinpoche

Support our centre

Organisation of The Jonang Kalachakra fund

A kind gesture towards little monks.

With this support we buy healthy extras such as; yogurt, bananas, apples, carrots. eggs, etc.

The donated amount is collected directly from the cash machine in Shimla.

In this way you guarantee a nutritious diet for all monks in the Jonang Monastery in Shimla, North India.

You can also choose to support standard monastery meals.

- Aid for financing insurances, interpreters, travel costs, website and other annual costs.


-This support compensates for the free participation in activities of people with insufficient financial resources.


It is Tulku Choekyi Nangpa's deep whish to build a small Jonang Kalachakra monastery in Bodhgaya.

every donation goes integrally to the specified goal *
donations bound for India are subjected to a -3% bank charge

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