Healthy extras for young monks

Doantions for Teachings by Gyaltsab Rinpoche

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Organisation of The Jonang Kalachakra fund

A kind gesture towards little monks.

With this support we buy healthy extras such as; yogurt, bananas, apples, carrots. eggs, etc.

The donated amount is collected directly from the cash machine in Shimla.

In this way you guarantee a nutritious diet for all monks in the Jonang Monastery in Shimla, North India.

You can also choose to support standard monastery meals.

- Aid for financing insurances, interpreters, travel costs, website and other annual costs.


-This support compensates for the free participation in activities of people with insufficient financial resources.


It is Tulku Choekyi Nangpa's deep whish to build a small Jonang Kalachakra monastery in Bodhgaya.

every donation goes integrally to the specified goal *
donations bound for India are subjected to a -3% bank charge