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Personal horoscope calculation by Geshe Lobsang Tsultrim according to Tibetan astrology.

Originally the Tibetan astrology comes from different traditions: the Indian, Chinese, the local Bon religion and the Buddhist Kalachakra Tantra. Originally, astrology was one of the five secondary sciences in Tibet.

It not only involved predicting, but was also used to study time cycles, as well as Tibetan chronology (or time order), and used for compiling the calendar. The calendar, in the form of an almanac, is still important for Tibetans to ensure that their daily activities are in harmony with the cosmos.

In general, certain days of the week or month are considered beneficial for specific activities (whether it is a marriage or hanging up prayer flags, or purchasing a piece of land). But moreover, every day is connected to someone's specific astrological map of his or her birthday.

The position of the planets and the cycles of the elements can also determine good or bad consequences.

Because Tibetan astrology is directly linked to Tibetan Buddhism, it is considered a practical method to reduce uncertainty and suffering.

The correct motivation of an astrological 'reading' must always be based on compassion (the wish that others are free from suffering).

Price: € 100, duration: about 1 hour.

2nd yearly update: € 75 

3rd yearly update: € 50


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