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Venerable Sherab Choephel:

Guided meditation sessions

Lopeun Sherab Choephel, teacher at the Jonang University Monastery in Shimla, North India, was invited by us to give series of classes / workshops for six months from mid-December on: meditation, mindfulness, ... in Ghent and Watervliet.


Lopeun Sherab Choephel was born in Tibet.

At the age of 10, Lopeun Sherab Choephel became a monk, the first 6 years he studied the basic knowledge of Buddhism. He then did the 3-year six-yoga Kalachakra retreat. He then studied Buddhist Philosophy for 4 years at the Buddhist Academic Center in Larung Gar, Tibet.


In India he continued his studies in sutra and tantra for 5 years at the Jonang university monastery. He graduated with the Lopeun (master) award.

From 2015 to 2019 he taught at the Jonang university monastery.

Lopeun Sherab Choephel recently traveled to Thailand, Mongolia, Myanmar and Taiwan, among others.




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