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Namgyalma Mantra card large

Namgyalma Mantra card large


Printed on 100% recycled FSC paper

Dimensions: 14.4 x 18.3 cm.


This mantra card portrays the Namgyalma mantra, an extremely powerful mantra that not only dispels life obstacles, it also purifies and liberates beings from the lower realms, purifies negative karma, and help those who are dying or have died by chanting it in their ear or placing it on their body. The back of the card contains the transliteration of the mantra and advice for its use.

Namgyalma, also known as Ushnishavijaya, is one of the three long-life deities.   

Advice from Lama Zopa Rinpoche:

"The  long  mantra  of  Namgyalma,  in  particular,  is extremely powerful for purifying negative karma and liberating sentient beings from the lower realms. It is especially helpful to purify the negative karma of those who are dying or have just died, and can either be  chanted  in  their  ear,  or  printed  and  placed  face  down on their body.

It is taught that if this mantra is placed on a mountain, the entire mountain becomes blessed and the negative karma of any people, animals, or insects who touch or climb it will be purified and they will be liberated from the lower realms. If this mantra is printed on a banner, even the shadow of the banner purifies the negative karma of anyone who is touched by it. If you hang this mantra in your home, everyone in the house, not only people but also animals and insects, will be purified of their negative karma and liberated from the lower realms. Similarly, if you put it on the inside roof of your car, every time someone enters your car they will be purified and blessed by this mantra.

When someone is dying or has just died, recite the long mantra twenty-one times and then blow on their body. Alternatively, you or someone else, ideally a lama, can recite the mantra twenty-one times and then blow on mustard seeds to bless them. These can be kept until needed and then scattered on the dying or deceased person's body, or even on the ashes of the person after cremation. The mustard seeds can also be scattered on the bones or ashes of animals and insects. This liberates them from the lower realms and causes them to receive a higher rebirth."

Lama Zopa Rinpoche had advised that the Namgyalma practice is a powerful purification and it is especially beneficial for the sick and those with cancer.


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