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[undyed] The Least Harmful Prayer Flags

[undyed] The Least Harmful Prayer Flags



A world first: 100% organic cotton prayer flags


More info about the unpainted prayer flags: click here


Even more authentic.

Even more environmentally friendly.


Why more authentic? Originally in Tibet the prayer flags were white with black print.


Why even better for nature?


By not using natural textile paint, nature is affected even less.


By not dying the prayer flags, fewer natural resources are needed.




- Each set is ±175cm long and consists of 10 flags measuring 19.30 x 12.50 cm.

- Organic cotton fabric, ribbon and yarn

- Printed with 100% natural printing ink based on a medieval recipe

- Made in EU

- Handmade, each flag is unique


- The ends of the fastening tape were deliberately kept as short as possible because we want to be economical with raw materials. Since when hanging the length almost always has to be adjusted with rope.


- Despite careful inspection of each flag after production, it is possible that defects may occur. contact us


- Our naturally colored prayer flags are much less colorfast than the synthetically dyed flags because no synthetic fixative is added. That is why it is good to adjust our expectations to the natural rate of decay of the flags. In addition, the fading of the colors reminds us that everything is impermanent. By fading the colors they transform into white prayer flags with black print as they were originally made in Tibet.


- Do you still have old (plastic) blessed prayer flags? With our step by step guide you can 'transfer' the blessing from flags to new prayer flags. This way you can safely throw the old (plastic) prayer flags with the residual waste.

The Least Harmful Prayer Flags are 100% natural and can be put on the compost heap.

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