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26 December 2023

Dear friends and sympathizers,


On Friday, February 3, monk Giel will give a lecture in the library of Eeklo:


Universal values for a warm society



  Questions can be asked at the end.


 19.30u. - 21:00h. 


More info and registration:

click here



Supporting the Jonang Kalachakra Center without really feeling it? 

You can do this via Teaming for only €1 per month. 

This helps us to pay the annual fixed costs and to keep the entrance fees low and to allow participants with financial problems to participate for free or at a reduced price.


Support us through





 New in our shop: unpainted prayer flags and bracelets.
Even more authentic.

Even more environmentally friendly. 


Why more authentic? Originally in Tibet the prayer flags were white with black print. 


Why even better for nature? 


By not using natural textile paint, nature is burdened even less.


By not painting the prayer flags, fewer natural resources are needed.

Interested?click here




Please do not hesitate to forward this email to interested parties.  


May all wishes in accordance with the Dharma be fulfilled.

more information


Warm regards, 

Sabine Fobert


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