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15 Different Types of Karma

Sat 16  - Sun 17  may 2020

by Geshe Lobsang Tsultrim 

First year continuation

Karma is a subject that many teachers do not want to teach because it is too complicated. Gebshe La, who teaches very structured and talented, immediately agreed to our request to explain the concept of "karma".

A rare opportunity to gain insight into this complex matter of cause and effect.


Weekend reading:

data address and bus

Preferably register in advance.


Price: 45 euro in advance, 50 euro at the checkout (Contact us if the price keeps you from coming)


Gebshe Lobsang Tsultrim was also in Belgium last year.


He is a highly valued Gebshe; doctor of Buddhist philosophy.

He is part of the Tibetan Buddhist Gaden Sharts monastery in South India.

Gebshe Lobsang Tsultrim was born in Tibet. He started his studies in Buddhist philosophy in Tibet and continued them in South India.

Gebshe La has been affiliated with a Buddhist Center in California for 16 years.

Gebshe La speaks English fluently.

After the lecture, questions can be asked to Gebshe Lobsang Tsultrim and monk Giel.


Meeting with Tulku Lobsang, Belgium 2018

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